Why Join ASA?

Any person, firm or corporation that in the normal course of business furnishes subcontract labor and/or materials to the construction industry or provides a service to such subcontractors or material suppliers is eligible for regular membership in the association. Architects, engineers, general contractors, construction managers and construction owners are not eligible for regular membership in ASA.

ASA Advantage Program

ASA members can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars by taking advantage of significant discounts and exclusive offers from companies that participate in ASA's affinity program, the ASAdvantage program.


Human Resource Management & Employee Benefits

  • Benefit Solutions Today
  • Business & Legal Resources
  • FMI | Compensation Interactive
  • Life Leadership: Launching a Leadership Revolution
  • Rhumbix
  • SESCO Management Consultants

ASA Members Recieve Discounts On:

Office Supplies & Services

  • BuilderPro Fleetcard
  • CapitalPlus
  • eMeasure
  • Fleetcor
  • Foundation Soft
  • Lenovo
  • National Purchasing Partners
  • NES Rentals
  • Scirocco Group
  • UPS
  • UPS Freight

Project Management & Documentation

  • ConsensusDocs
  • Construction Claims Monthly
  • Project DocControl

Business Development

  • The Blue Book of Building & Construction